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Sciens Capital Management

Sciens Capital Management LLC is an alternative asset management firm founded in 1994. With headquarters in New York and offices in London and Guernsey, Sciens has been investing in real assets strategies since 2007.

Sciens launched the Sciens Water Opportunities Fund in 2018 to make investments in the U.S. water sector. Sciens' approach is to identify the biggest challenges facing the U.S. water and wastewater industry today and solve them through the formation and development of national and regional leading companies that seek to meet these challenges. Sciens works closely with the management teams of its portfolio companies supporting them in achieving their strategic goals.

Our Mission

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Sciens is a fundamental research-driven investor that identifies pockets of opportunity in the water sector that benefit from long-term macro factors but are uncovered, under-researched and misunderstood, and consequently under-capitalized by the capital markets. Sciens makes control investments in the U.S. water infrastructure and related companies where it can generate both yield and capital appreciation through application of value-added strategies, developed through over 25 years of private equity investment experience.

In addition to generating financial returns for its investors, Sciens seeks to make investments that help to solve the big challenges facing the U.S. water industry:

Aging & Degraded Infrastructure

Resource Scarcity

Threats to the Environment & Human Health

Sustainability and Impact

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Sciens recognizes water as an essential albeit threatened resource and is dedicated to pursuing strategies that incorporate high standards of sustainability and conservation.

The Sciens Water Opportunities Fund incorporates ESG factors in its investment selection and management process. Its ESG policy has been designed in alignment with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (“UN PRI”). Furthermore, through its investments, the Sciens Water Opportunities Fund seeks to make a positive impact on community health and the environment throughout the United States. Sciens' investment strategies in water have been targeted to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and related targets.


Sciens Water’s Alexander Loucopoulos addressing America’s major water issues on Cheddar TV, April 2019.

Millions of people in the U.S. are reportedly using community drinking water that violate limits for E. coli and lead. Alex Loucopoulos, partner of Sciens Capital, joins Cheddar News to discuss the aging water infrastructure and how companies are addressing the problems using tech-based solutions.

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