Rethinking Water: September 19th, 2023

Solutions Now for America’s Water Infrastructure

Hosted at The Forum, Columbia University 605 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027

Join us at the Rethinking Water Conference 2023, where finance, academia, government and industry meet to find solutions to the most pressing water challenges in the United States.

From c-suite executives and environmental stewards to government organizations, industry leaders, and academic professionals, our conference is a hub of expertise and innovation. With a focus on aging infrastructure and evolving regulations, we will explore how funding can be effectively applied to achieve sustainable solutions. We'll discuss implementable strategies such as water recycling/reuse, consolidation, accelerating federal funding, leveraging private investment, and more. Engage in targeted breakouts, providing valuable opportunities to connect and share perspectives with fellow participants.

Discussions and Insights

  • Closing the Loop: Advancing Water Reuse Solutions
  • Collaboration through Public, Private and Philanthropic Funding
  • Leveraging Frontier Technologies and Information Platforms: High and Low Tech
  • The Need for Consolidation & Organization: A Case Study in the US Wastewater Treatment Sector
  • Water Outside Utilities
  • And more…