Our portfolio


Central States Water Resources is a water and wastewater utility, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, that specializes in acquiring small, non-compliant systems and refurbishing them to meet local environmental and regulatory requirements.

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Integrated Water Services, Inc. is a turn-key, decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions provider with expertise in advanced treatment and reuse technologies. The company is headquartered in Longmont, CO, and is active across the western U.S.

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CROM, LLC specializes in the design and construction of prestressed concrete storage tanks and restoration of essential aging infrastructure throughout the municipal water/wastewater and industrial sectors. The company is headquartered in Gainesville, FL with four regional offices and has been trusted as an experienced and reliable resource since its founding in 1953.

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Sciens Water Management has formed Sciens Water Finance Corporation (“SWFC”). SWFC provides debt and other alternative financing solutions to water-related hard asset projects originated by the SWOF portfolio companies and third-parties.


Sciens Water Digital Holdings (SWDH) was launched by Sciens to support the digital transformation of the U.S. water sector.