Rethinking Water Webinar Series

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar series, Rethinking Water.

In collaboration with Mazarine, Raymond James, and our philanthropic partner, Merton Capital Partners, Rethinking Water aims to bring together investment professionals, industry executives, academics, industry and public policy experts, and government agencies to address some of the biggest water problems facing our nation.

Topic: How philanthropy can contribute to solving US water infrastructure issues.
Date: Tuesday, October26th, 2021; Time: 12-1pm EST

About topic

The importance of investing in water is gaining visibility across the globe. Yet the largest foundations, corporations, and the wealthiest philanthropists, are investing very little of their philanthropy in water. Climate change, the upcoming water infrastructure bill, floods, droughts, river pollution, ocean discharges and several other widely reported challenges have increased awareness for the enormous investments required to solve any or all of our water challenges. This webinar looks at leading initiatives to attract more philanthropy, and to use it to unlock other forms of capital to fund solutions to these urgent issues.


    Margaret Bowman, is a Principal at Bowman Environmental Consulting, promoting sustainable and equitable water solutions through better policy, strategy and impact investing. She has led many programs in her 30 years of conservation expertise, such as addressing water supply issues in the Colorado River Basin at the Walton Family Foundation.

    Eric Letsinger is CEO & Founder of Quantified Ventures, an outcomes-based capital firm that helps clients develop and finance initiatives that deliver measurable health, social, and environmental impact. Eric bringing 25+ years of leadership experience in government, nonprofit, and private sector organizations.

    Allison Harvey Turner , is CEO of the Water Foundation, supporting philanthropy’s ability to convene, experiment with new ideas, and scale investments in transformative water solutions. The Water Foundation has granted more than $50 million to organizations and coalitions to support safe, clean water for people, restored freshwater ecosystems, and climate resilience.

    Sean Davis (Moderator), is CEO & Founder of Merton Capital Partners, joining private equity and philanthropy to “Solve the Giving Pledge Bottleneck.“ Creating new approaches to co-invest large philanthropy with leading for-profits to solve challenges in a sustainable way.

    Upmanu Lall is the Director of the Columbia Water Center and the Alan and Carol Silberstein Professor of Engineering, and the Chair of the Dept. of Earth & Environmental Engineering at Columbia University.

    Alex Loucopoulos is a partner at Sciens Water, a Private Equity firm that makes investments in private companies to address the big problems facing U.S. water infrastructure today.