Rethinking Water Webinar Series

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar series, Rethinking Water.

In collaboration with Mazarine, Raymond James, and our philanthropic partner, Merton Capital Partners, Rethinking Water aims to bring together investment professionals, industry executives, academics, industry and public policy experts, and government agencies to address some of the biggest water problems facing our nation.

Topic: Big Data & Water Conservation
Date: Thursday, April 28th, 2022; Time: 12-1pm EST

About topic

Rapid advancement in technology is reshaping the water industry by helping to solve some of the worlds greatest water challenges. Big Tech companies are developing and adopting innovative technologies that optimize water consumption towards achieving a water-positive future and improving operations across the water sector. This webinar features key members from big tech companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, who are leading this innovation.


    Stefanie Woodward, is the Sustainability Program Manager of Water and Climate at Meta, with over 10 years experience driving projects to raise awareness and advising companies on reducing risks related to water and climate change adaptation and resilience.

    Paul Fleming is the Founder of Water Value LLC, which advises startups and venture funds in the water space and provides consulting services to NGO's and companies. Previously he led the global water program at Microsoft.

    Patrick Keaney is the Worldwide Director of Development at AWS Water (“Amazon Web Services”), Focused on helping Utilities and Private Water companies and their partners leverage cloud technologies to solve the worlds largest and smallest water problems.

    Upmanu Lall is the Director of the Columbia Water Center and the Alan and Carol Silberstein Professor of Engineering, and the Chair of the Dept. of Earth & Environmental Engineering at Columbia University.

    Alex Loucopoulos is a partner at Sciens Water, a Private Equity firm that makes investments in private companies to address the big problems facing U.S. water infrastructure today.